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The Leading Supplier/Authorized Distributor of the Major World Famous Brands in Hi-End Audio Parts & Components




DIYAUDIO-VN is the leading supplier/Authorized Distributor of the major world famous brands of Hi-End Audio Parts & Components.

-AUDIO NOTE UK Parts & Components

-TOKYO KO-ON DENPA Japan - The professional manufacturer of Audio Potentiometers, Attenuators in Japan

-NEW SENSOR CORP USA - One of the world largest manufacturer of current production Audio Tubes, e.g Genalex Gold Lion, Mullard, TungSol, Svetlana, Sovtek, Electro-Harmonix reissue tubes.

-KR Tubes Czech Rep - Tubes Manufacturer

-Talema Group - Professional manufacturer of Transformers

-WBT INDUSTRIE GMBH Germany - The Hi-End Audio Connectors from Germany

-DUELUND COHERENT AUDIO Denmark - the King of Audio Caps

-DACT Denmark - The professional Hi-End Audio Stepped Attenuators

-MUNDORF EB GMBH Germany - Excellent audio caps and various hi-end audio components from Germany

-CLARITYCAP ICW UK - Great Audio Caps from UK

-Hifi Tuning Fuses Germany - Excellent audiophile fuses from Germany

-Montaudio New Zealand - Audio Cables & Isolation feets

-IEGO POWER DREAM WORKS Taiwan - Hi-End Audio connectors from Taiwan

-NANOTEC SYSTEMS INC. Japan - The hi-end audio cables from Japan

-PURESONIC Taiwan - Hi-End Audio connectors from Taiwan

-KHOZMO Poland - Hi-End Audio Stepped Attenuators

-JUPITER CONDENSER USA - Great Audio Caps from USA

-Matsuzaki Denki Mica Capacitors - Ultimate Ruby Mica Caps Japan

-AMTRANS Japan - The Manufacturer of famous Hi-End Audio Carbon Film resistors AMRG gold pin, and other components

-Toshin Kogyo (TK) Japan - Hi-End Audio capacitors from Japan

-KLE Innovations Australia - Hi-End Audio connectors

-JJ ELECTRONIC Slovakia - Tubes Manufacturer & capacitors

-Nichicon Japan - Hi-end audio capacitors from Japan

-SHUGUANG China - One of the world largest audio tubes manufacturer from China

-AND other parts & components from ALPS Japan, ELMA Switzerland, SEIDEN Japan, HASHIMOTO Japan, AUDIENCE USA, TAKMAN Japan, FTCap Germany, UNICON Japan, DELRITMO Japan, TOICHI Japan, TAKATSUKI Japan, ELROG Germany, TDO Japan, Vishay USA, CMC Taiwan, ATL Taiwan, etc.


We do our best to serve DIYers/Audiophiles in Vietnam and in worldwide. We guarantee to supply all the Authorized Original products and the best quality from the Manufacturers as provided.



The Hi-End DIY Audio Partner








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