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DIYAUDIO-VN is proud the Official Authorized Distributor of Tokyo Ko-On Denpa Japan in Southeast Asia region
The professional manufacturer of audio potentiometers/attenuators/switches in Japan



TKD 2P2511 Stepped Attenuator >>This is real stepped attenuator

TKD 2CP2511 Attenuator (Log Audio & Ladder Circuit)

TKD 4CP2500 4 Gang Attenuator (Log Audio & Ladder Circuit)

TKD 2CP2500C B100K Balance Stereo

TKD 2CP601 Attenuator (Log Audio & Ladder Circuit)

TKD 4CP601 4 gang Attenuator


Tokyo Ko-On Denpa 2CP-2511 Stereo volume control.

The TKD (Ko-on) potentiometers are highly regarded, probably the best pots in current production. Used by Audio Note, LAMM and Kondo. TKD makes excellent feeling and sounding volume controls. Once you've heard (and felt) the difference between a € 7.00 volume control and a € 70.00 control you'll understand why people go to such lengths to get cheap controls out of their signal path.

The channel unbalance for the TKD 2CP2511 is almost as good as a stepped attenuator. The 2CP2511 achieves this through it's special design. In parallel to the main resistive element there are 6 laser trimmed resistors.Each channel is trimmed for perfect balance and perfect logarithmic behavior.

***Technical Data 2CP2511.pdf

***Technical Data 2P2511.pdf

TKD HR23S 31 step stepped attenuator



TKD P65CS 41 step Hi-End Volume

2R6A Selector Switch - Hi-End Audio

LMA5 Motorized Profader

Other Tokyo Ko-On Depna products, on request




DIYAUDIO-VN is the Exclusive Distributor of DACT Denmark, the professional manufacturer of Hi-End Audio Attenuators in Denmark

Vui lòng LH trực tiếp để có giá tốt nhất

(Contact directly for availability & offer)


CT2 Stepped Attenuators

High-end sound and specifications

Compact design – easy to mount in most existing audio amplifiers as DIY upgrade.

Audio volume controls with very accurate attenuation and tracking (0.05dB).

Resistor network using Surface Mount Device (SMD) type of resistors for short signal path and very low series inductance and stray capacitance

Available as master volume control with 60dB attenuation range (1, 2, 4, 6, 8 decks) and as individual channel fine adjustment control with 0.5dB level change between each step (only available with 1 deck).


The CT2 Audio Volume Controls are high quality stepped 24-position attenuators. They were designed for maximum sonic quality, accuracy and reliability. This makes them equally suited for audiophile applications and for professional applications.
Available as master volume control with 60dB attenuation range (1, 2, 4, 6, 8 decks) and as individual channel fine adjustment (CT2-10k-1/fine) with 0.5dB level change between each step (only available with 1 deck)
Their series resistor networks consist of 23 non-inductive, low noise, SMD metal film resistors.
The layout of the PC Boards and the choice of SMD resistors have reduced the signal path to a minimum length (typical five times shorter than conventional stepped attenuator designs with leaded resistors). The PCB design combined with the special resistors also account for the very low series inductance and the very low stray capacitance. 
The result is a bandwidth beyond even the most demanding audiophiles’ requirements.
There has been special care taken to ensure the durability of CT2. Therefore, all contacts and PCB traces are gold plated to prevent any corrosion. As a result, the CT2s will maintain their specifications after long time of use even in hot and humid environments.
The rotary switch itself is a gold plated high precision switch manufactured in Switzerland.



***DACT CT2 Attenuator Review




DIYAUDIO-VN is the Exclusive Distributor of Khozmo Acoustic, the professional manufacturer of Hi-End Audio Attenuators in Poland


SMDmkII Stereo version



We do have ready large stock of Vishay "Naked" Zfoil resistors for Khozmo Shunt Attenuators



Khozmo Stereo Shunt Stepped Attenuator, 48 step MKII

Khozmo Stepped Attenuator, Stereo, 48 steps, SMD Shunt version, MK2.

  • SHUNT type: Only two resistors in signal path
  • Switching type: MBB (Make Before Break)
  • Number of steps: 48
  • Attenuation range: -60 dB ... 0 dB
  • Attenuation per step: steps 1 to 11 - 2dB, 12 to 48 - 1dB
  • Contact material: Hard gold, Entire signal path is gold
  • Polished wiper and contact pins
  • Extremely short signal path
  • Channel matching: +/-0.1 dB
  • Shunt resistors: Royal Ohm SMD 1% 1/10W, thin film, metal, surface mount.
  • Series resistor (load resistors): Caddock MK132, or upgrade to Charcroft Naked Z-foils, buy these additionally.
  • Mechanical life: > 50 000 cycles
  • CNC machined red anodized full metal body
  • Precision ball bearing support
  • Shaft diameter x length: 6mm x 10mm
  • Bush diameter x length: 9 mm x 10mm
  • body dimension: 52mm (height, including exposed PCB) x 42mm (width) x 50mm (depth, front to back)
  • Indexing angle: 7.2 deg
  • Chassis earth connection on rear of PCB.

The Mark II version from Khozmo, features the Caddock MK132V 1% tolerance thick film resistor as standard for the all important load resistor. This replaces the original brown Dale's RN55 leaded resistor stepped attenuator. This can be easily upgraded to other favoured resistors, such as the Charcroft Naked "Z-foil". Simply add this to your cart when you order and we will fit it to the stepped for you. The shunt resistors are Royal Ohm SMD 1% 1/10W, thin film, metal, surface mount. The stepped attenuator offers incredibly good value and outstanding performance.

We have stock of the 10K, 20K, 50K and 100K. The 250K is available upon request. PICTURES DO NOT SHOW SERIES RESISTORS FITTED.

***MONO Version is Available.




US$ each
1000 VND each
AN volume, log type Stereo
AN Tantalum attenuator
100K, 250K
quote basis

AN Volume (new version)

AN Stepped Attenuator, Tantalum resistor



Audio Note volume and balance control

Audio Note has been using the Noble AP25 pot and balance controls since the beginning, they were by far the best sounding at the price, the most reliable and solid mechanically, sadly Noble decided to discontinue these excellent potentiometers in late 1997, at which time Audio Note bought a huge quantity to allow us time to find a decent replacement and over the years many pots were tried and discarded as not suitable, poor sounding (Alps in particular, but also others) or problematic in other ways, so in 2004 we agreed that the only real solution was to develop our own and after 4 years in the making Audio Note is please to introduce the Audio Note 100kOhm volume and balance controls.

Audio Note Stepped Attenuator (stereo version)

The Audio Note stereo stepped attenuator is now available in 50K, 100K and 250K. It feature 23 steps with heavily silver plated copper contacts, it is a shunt type with the main load resistor now being a 1 watt Audio Note™ tantalum (picture show 2 Watt version, no longer supplied) and 0.5W Audio Note tantalum for each base step. These attenuators are used in the M9 Phono pre-amplifier and will be introduced in the M10 Line and ONGAKU. smallest body dia. 70mm, chassis hole size dia. 9.5mm, shaft dia. 6.3mm (1/4 inch), shaft length 15mm, bush height 10mm

***MONO Version is Available.




Seiden SD-32, 1-2-6-30° OFF

SD-32 serie, 1-2-6-30° OFF, selector switch.
1-deck 2 pole 6 way, 30 degrees each turn, non-shorting type

(Stereo Switches, 6 inputs)

US$ each
1000 VND each
Seiden 32006




ELMA Selector Switches

Type 04-1264, 2 poles, 6 input/pole

ELMA Made in Switzerland

US$ each
1000 VND each
ELMA 04-1264



Elma 2 pole 6 way switch, 04-1264

High quality selector switch, non-magnetic bodied switch with 3 micron gold plated contacts over copper alloy. Ceramic wafer. Swiss made. Adjustable stop to achieve 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 way, pls request stop pin. Mounting hole 10.2mm, 6mm diameter shaft, body dimensions 25mm L x (32mm dia. x 25mm dia.). Break before make, non-shorting.



ALPS RK27 Blue Velvet, Made in Japan


***Technical Data RK271.pdf

ALPS RK50 (quote basis)




AT-50H L-Pad 8Ohm and 16 Ohm,
Volume Hum

Made in Taiwan

US$ each
1000 VND each
L-Pad Made in Taiwan
8R, 16R
Volume Hum 100R Made in Taiwan








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