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Audio Note KAISEI Polar & Non-polarized Electrolytic Capacitors

New PriceList updated August 2023

Audio Note SEIRYU Electrolytic Capacitors >>new arrive


Audio Note KAISEI Electrolytic Capacitors

We are proud to be the first to stock the all new Audio Note Kaisei Electrolytic capacitor range specially suited for valve power supply use.

The Audio Note™ KAISEI range have been developed over the past 4 years with the engineering team at Rubycon (of Black Gate fame). They are based on the same materials with the only difference being the paper used is not impregnated with graphite particles. Otherwise the KAISEI capacitors use the same special electrolyte.
These Black Gate replacements are incredibly close in performance to the highly regarded WKz range. There aren`t any other capacitors that come close. Audio Note`s higher Level Three products, the Silver and Silver Signature models will have the KAISEI electrolytic capacitors in the power supply.

The same foil and paper and construction quality as will be found in the forthcoming Audio Note™ Black Gate replacements which should start coming through in the second half of 2015.


Audio Note Standard Electrolytic Capacitors

New PriceList updated August 2023

Audio Note Standard Electrolytic Capacitors

Using much better sounding materials than currently available high voltage electrolytic capacitors from other sources this is the “starter” range in the Audio Note™ line up, where a high quality electrolyte is combined with the best standard paper and a specially made foil to create a 500 volt capacitor of exceptional quality for the price, suitable for any high voltage power supply application in valve amplification. A range of low voltage capacitors based on the same materials and construction principle is being developed to compliment, which will allow us to offer a wide range of competitively priced good quality electrolytic capacitors under the Audio Note™ brand. The standard electrolytic capacitors will be introduced in all Audio Note™ finished products from Level Zero to the lower Level Three products, the higher Level Three products, the Silver and Silver Signature models will have the KAISEI electrolytic capacitors in the power supply. The KAISEI type from Audio Note will be available soon.





Mundorf Mlytic HV Electrolytic Capacitors

The MLytic® HV electrolytic capacitors have been developed from the latest materials and modern manufacturing techniques to provide high standard reservoir capacitor that can easily deal with the challenges of tube amplifiers. They offer two capacitors in one can, both capacitors sharing the same negative terminal. By joining the positive terminals together you effectively double the capacitance.

Mundorf TubeCap Capacitors

The TubeCap® is made of polypropylene film with several special features. The composite film is incredibly thin with superb self-healing properties these features are markedly pronounced due to a special coating used. This gives a very high electrical strength in a capacitor with such compact dimensions.

The TubeCap® combines a high degree of dielectric strength and low residual inductivity with a very compact form of construction. It has been developed as a high-quality technical alternative to high-voltage electrolytic capacitors and is thus ideally suited to use in tube amplifiers power supplies.

Mundorf Mlytic AG+ Electrolytic Capacitors

The M-Lytic AG+ is a step from the M-Lytic AG range, specifically designed for power supply applications. Utilising Mundorf`s innovative dual pole technology, they have a positive and negative input terminals and positive and negative ouput terminals. Thus each capacitor has four 1.2mm diameter x 9mm height tin plated copper terminals. They provide superb performance and long life. These electrolyic capacitors are non-mangnetic. The MLGO+ glue-on series have circular self-adhesive foam pads, when fitting to a PCB these provide vibration dampening for the capacitor, simple peel off the sticky covering and fit to the PCB. If you aren`t fitting to a PCB, leave the covering on.



Ecap Bipolar

The MLytic® AG • Audio Grade Power Cap series is especially engineered for use in small power and pre amplifiers.

These capacitors offer non-magnetic, straight, tinned copper wires of diameter 1.2mm (AWG17)

They supersede the well-known MLSI series. The pitch of the terminals is 10mm and can be used in standard snap-in capacitor situations. Great for repairs and modifications.

The MLGO is the Glue-on series which has at it`s termination end, a vibration-reducing, traction-relieving, self-adhesive MPSA  mounting pad. This adheres to the PCB surface.




Toichi Denki Oil Caps - Made in Japan






F&T Electrolytic Type LFAZ Dual Section Radial Capacitors

Here we have F&Ts dual section radial capacitor with solder tag connections. With a specification far exceeding comparable products these gems are heavily used in the Audio industry such as Orange Amplification. F&T dual sections LFAZ range are the benchmark for vintage restorations and vintage new-builds alike. Ideal for valve amplifiers and radios.









JJ TC529 Dual Can Electrolytics

The JJ electrolytics are manufactured in the JJ Electronic plant in Cadca, in the Slovak Republic.

These TC529 35mm dual electrolytic cans are ideal as direct drop-in replacement caps for the repair of Tube Amps, Marshall, Selmer and VOX amps, or as filter caps for new projects.





TK UTSJ hi-end audio caps, Made in Japan

UTSJ caps are very widely used in Hi-End audio products in Japan: Accuphase, Luxman,,,,





Nichicon Muse KZ caps, Made in Japan

The best caps made by Nichicon - Muse KZ are very popular used in hi-end audio products








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