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Audio Note Performance Level System

Level Minus Two: Class B push-pull transistor amplifiers, no Audio Note amplifiers in this Level

Level Minus One: Class A push-pull transistor amplifiers, currently no Audio Note amplifiers in the Level

Level Zero: Class AB push-pull pentode or tetrode amplifiers

Level One: Class A push-pull pentode or tetrode amplifiers

Level Two: Class A single-ended pentode or tetrode amplifiers & Class A push-pull directly heated no-feedback triode amplifiers

Level Three: Class A single-ended directly heated no feedback triode amplifiers

Level Four: Class A single-ended directly heated no feedback triode amplifiers, with high quality parts and materials such as hard wired circuits using silver wire, copper or silver foil signal capacitors, choke coupled power supplies with valve rectifiers for the HT, with a mixture (relative to overall cost) of Cerafine or Black Gate electrolytic capacitors, non-magnetic resistors made from tantalum film and output transformers with C-cores (instead of IE cores traditionally used due to cost) with very high nickel content.

Level Five: Class A single-ended directly heated no feedback triode amplifiers, with only the very best parts and materials available, fully silver wired high content nickel iron C-core output transformers, Black Gate capacitors throughout where available, silver foil signal capacitors, and both circuit and power supply hard wired with silver wire.

Level Six: As Level Five, single-ended directly heated no feedback triode amplifiers, but all-out versions with no expense spared on parts, silver wire even in the mains lead, mains transformer, chokes, likewise highest grade C-cores in mains transformers, valve rectification and regulation, no signal coupling capacitors but silver wired C-core inter-stage transformers between each gain stage, super thin lamination Super Radiometal 48 C-cored driver and output transformers.
Level Six amplification is used to drive the Audio Note™ silver wired record cutting system helping produce the finest analogue software ever produced and thus helping to move LP quality firmly back in the driving seat of sonic quality for years to come.

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Mullard Tube Factory

Mullard Tube Factory


AWG Conductor Size acc. to ASTM B 258 

The Cool Sound of Tubes (IEEE Report)

IEEE Report_The Cool Sound of Tubes


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